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Convenient locations in Southern California, Greater Las Vegas, Nevada and Greater Phoenix (AZ). Friendly resident managers live on site!
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With you can easily sort through thousands of different self-storage facilities by price, size, amenities and location, as well as read through customer reviews to find the best unit to fit your needs. Afterwards, simply reserve your unit for free online and move in on, or before, your move-in date. It's that easy!
Self Storage Resources
Self-storage facilities provide its customers with rent space to store their possessions in a unit for a period of time. These facilities include a variety of unit sizes to place your items such as furniture, boxes, cars, equipment and other large items.
Self Storage Resources Recommendations
Today, there are countless storage facility services operating nationwide. Before choosing a storage facility, we recommend determining how much space is needed to keep your possessions. Be sure to take into consideration the size of the each item being placed into storage. If you determine the size factor ahead of time, this can save you money in the long run. When looking for storage facilities, you should decide how long you would need the storage space. The duration of time reflects the pricing for storage units. Compare the rates and availability of the facilities that interest you before making your last decision. Some storage facilities offer free-based removal and packaging services, so make sure you ask many questions. This method allows you to pack your storage space easier and faster. Payment options vary amongst different companies. Self-storage tends to be paid weekly or monthly, which includes a deposit as well. Once you have paid for self-storage, you will have complete access to your possessions. Don’t worry about any safety issues, as facilities are protected by surveillance. The self-storage industry has expanded over the past few years, so finding one that best suits you will not be difficult. We recommend that you search for a local self-storage facility through online resources such as Google or Yahoo. Self Storage Resources Related Resources