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Employment Resources and Opportunities
Employment Resources
Finding suitable employment opportunities and careers has become a difficult task. Prospective employees must set themselves apart from their competition. In order to do this, one must prepare a concise and unique resume. A captivating cover letter is also vital when searching for employment.
Employment Resources Recommendations
When searching for employment, be sure to browse job listings that you are qualified for. All job advertisements post the qualifications needed to be required for a position. Before submitting your application, review your resume to verify you have the appropriate work experience needed to fill the position. Also, revise your cover letter accordingly with respect to the job you are applying for. Your cover letter should be brief, but be sure to intrigue the employer as well. Think of your resume and cover letter as the elevator speech, a 30-second speech to sell yourself as a product. An employer does not spend much time on each resume received. In most cases, an individual is considered lucky if the employer reads midway into his or her resume. If you cannot grab the employer’s attention within the first glance, it would probably be best to implement major changes to your resume. Including keywords is critical to writing a resume. Due to the increase of resume software, your resume must be filled with keywords to show up when an employer is searching on job networks. Your resume will not appear without keywords. A resume should be no more than one page. If you cannot grab their attention with solid information on one page, the following pages are insignificant. Employers are looking to hire someone who is experienced, motivated, willing to learn and accomplished. Don’t be afraid to list your accomplishments that show outstanding performance and proven responsibility. Remember not to include lengthy text, and highlight the most significant details. A short, clear-cut resume makes your resume reader-friendly. Saving your time leaving out extraneous information will in turn save the employer’s time. When browsing through different employment opportunities, you should also compare the different benefits that they may offer such as retirement plans, 401K, and health benefits. We recommend searching through online newspapers and websites. Some websites are monster, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, the Ladders, etc.
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