How can I receive rental leads at my email?

We encourage all of our tenants and landlords to use the Mail Center for managing their rental leads. The Mail Center is convenient, organized, and monitored by for a safe rental experience. However, if you still prefer to manage your rental leads from your private email account, we will need you to fax or email us a legible copy of your government issued photo ID.

Our fax number is (707) 222-2691
Please be sure to use a cover sheet and address the fax to:
Attn: Mail Center Bypass

Our email address is
Please be sure the subject line of the email reads as follows: mail-center bypass

The Bypass Experience:
Once we have set your account to bypass the Mail Center, the landlord will be able to reply to lead mails received from The reply mail sent by the landlord will be sent directly to tenant’s personal inbox – so, while the mail's ‘from’ address will be, the mail's ‘reply’ address will be that of the tenant.

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding setting your account to bypass the mail center, please feel free to contact us.