What do report balance, pending report, and report available mean?

Below is explanation of these items and what they mean:

  • Report Balance -The report balance is the total number of purchased reports. In order to run a tenant screening reports you must purchase a report(s) for your account. Once you have a report balance you will be given the option to "Run a Credit Report". When you click "Run a credit report" link you will enter your property information and send a request to potential tenant.
  • Pending Reports -Pending reports are report requests which have been already sent to a potential tenant and are awaiting your potential tenants acceptance. During this process you are able to cancel the report request. Please note, canceling the report request adds the report back to report balance.
  • Reports Available -Reports available are reports that have been accepted by potential tenant and are ready for viewing. At this point in the process the report is not cancelable, as it has been posted to your account.

If you would like to run a tenant screening report please click the link below. If you have additional questions regarding tenant screening please click the "Related FAQ" link or the "Contact Us" link above.