I just received a landlord request for tenant screening how should I proceed?

If you have received an email from a landlord to get your credit report information please following the following steps to provide this information to landlord.

  • Step 1: Click the link in the email or go to sitename.mysmartmove.com
  • Step 2: Create your account with sitename.smartmove.com and accept the terms and conditions
  • Step 3: View the request and click the green "Continue" button
  • Step 4: Accept or Decline the request. (if you decline the request this will delay the renting of the property)
  • Step 5: Complete the 4 questions identity validation.
    (Note: You have 3 attempts to complete this correctly. In the event that you fail validation you will need to contact customer service to validate.)
  • Step 6: Click the green "Submit" button and the landlord will have received your report.

If you have any questions regarding this process please click the contact us link above or call smart move at (866)775-0961