What is the Tenant Database?

The tenant database is a database of potential tenants who are actively searching for a rental. Each tenant that visits eRental.com will enter a rental profile if he/she wants to be contacted by landlords. eRental.com saves each rental profile and allows landlords to search for tenants by the relevant rental criteria. The Tenant Database is an effective means of renting a place quickly since within minutes a landlord can send 1000’s of emails to a targeted group tenants.

How to search the tenant database
If you have a listing posted, the best way to search for tenants is to use the “Tenant Matches” link located in the “My Account” drop down of the navigation bar at the top right of the page. The “Tenant Matches” link instantly displays all active tenants that match the criteria of the rental selected. There may be 10’s or 1000’s of “tenant matches” depending on the location and the details of the rental.

If you do NOT have a listing posted,use the “Find Tenants” link in the navigation bar at the top of the page and enter the criteria of the rental you wish to fill. All the tenants that match your rental criteria will display for you to contact.

How to register for the Tenant Database
The Tenant Database is free to search, but the email check boxes will read “Access” and not be active until you register. To email the tenants, you will need to register. The fee for 30 days of access to the tenant database ranges from $14.95 to $99.95