Why is the map of my listing wrong?

There are a few possible reasons your listing is mapping incorrectly. To resolve this problem, please check to make sure all of following attributes below are accurate:

  1. Spelling of Cross Streets are correct. The maps work best when you use the closest intersecting streets to the available rental.
  2. Directional of the Cross Streets are valid. If the street does not have a North, South, East or West on the street sign, then no directional should be indicated. Please login to your account and select 'none' for the cross street directional.
  3. Zip Code for the listing is accurate and in the correct state

If you find that information has been entered incorrectly, please login to your account and make the modifications.

In the event that all of the location information noted above is correct and the listing will still not map correctly, please click the contact us link above and be sure to send us the complete address of your rental. In most cases, we are able to correct the error. This process does take about 24 hours to resolve.