How can I save listings to group email landlords?

Its a good idea to save listings in your account. Once a listing has been saved you'll be able to send a one email to a group of landlords.

  • Saving Listings -  To save rentals click the check box next to the listing, then scroll down the bottom of page and click on the add to my listing button. Click on view my listings to verify the selected listing have been saved.
  • Sending Group Mails -  To send group mails to landlords you will need to be sure the rentals you wish to contact are in your account. Once in your account, check off the box next to each listing or scroll to the bottom of the page to "Select All". Then click on the "Send Mail" button.

If you are having problems saving listings or group mailing owners please click the contact us link above.

To save your rental listings and send group mails to landlord click the link below to login.