What you need to know before giving any type of deposit?

Below is some detailed information on what to do regarding security deposits, and apartment holding deposits.

Below are some common Sense Renting Tips

Holding Deposits & Pre-Payments:

1.    If possible, you or someone you know should view the property.
2.    If you cannot meet the landlord, have a phone conversation.
3.    Never send money based only on email communication.
4.    A recommended holding deposit is 20% of a months rent.
5.    If you are wiring money, only wire from bank to bank.
6.    Do NOT use wire services such as Western Union or Moneygram.
7.    Do not send money to a country different than the country of the rental.
8.    Get a signed rental agreement.
9.    Get a copy of the landlords ID

Security Deposits:

1.    A security deposit is not more than 2x the rent.
2.    Have your landlord inspect the premises before you leave.
3.    Deposits should be returned 30 days after the lease expires

If you have any questions regarding what do about giving a security deposit please contact us by clicking the contact us link at the top of the page. If you require rental contract please click the link below