How to use to insure a good rental experience?

Here are some tips to insure that you have a safe and positive rental experience.

  • Tip #1- Look for the Trusted Logo
  • Landlords with a trusted logo have been verified by Some landlords also have reviews from previous tenants. These reviews also provide valuable information about the landlord and the rental.

  • Tip #2- Have a Phone Conversation
  • Have a phone conversation with the landlord. Email is an effective means of communication, but a phone call will help you verify the character of the landlord. A telephone number is also verifiable information. If a landlord will not give a phone number, do not rent from them.

  • Tip #3- View The Rental
  • If possible, you or a friend should view the rental. If viewing the rental is impossible, ask the landlord for a document that shows that verifies are the lease holder, owner, or property manager. Examples of such documents are bills for phone, cable, utility, taxes, water or mortgage.

  • Tip #4- Get a Rental Contract
  • Use a rental agreement. Regardless of the lease term or rental type, a signed agreement can be useful for the tenant and the landlord.

  • Tip #5- Get a Government ID
  • Ask for a copy of valid government ID from any landlord. Do not rent from any landlord unwilling to provide an ID.

  • Tip #6- Never Use a Money Transfer Service
  • Never use a money transfer service such as western union to send money. If you need to wire funds, use a bank to bank wire transfer. A landlord bank account is verifiable information.

  • Tip #7- Send a Small Holding Deposit
  • A deposit to hold a rental should not exceed more than 25% of a months rent. All additional funds due should be paid when you take possession of the rental

  • Tip #8- Use the Mail Center
  • screens messages sent via the Mail Center to insure a safe rental experience. If a suspicious term is used, the message is blocked until all users are investigated by a quality control representative. If you decide to use private emails to communicate, does not check the quality of the rental leads.

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