What is eRental.com Mail Center?

The eRental.com Mail Center is designed to help you easily manage the rental process. The Mail Center organizes and saves all your rental leads for quick and easy reference. You no longer need to search for leads that you accidentally deleted or find leads that were incorrectly filtered by your mail provider. Just log in to your Mail Center and view all of your rental leads. All rental leads are saved for 45 days. From each rental lead you can quickly navigate to links to find more information about a tenant or landlord or read rental tips about how to have the best rental experience. As long as you have access to the internet, you can access your rental leads.

Qualified Lead Screening
The eRental.com proprietary Mail Server technology allows our editorial team to use mail filters to ensure that only genuine and qualified leads are delivered to your inbox. If any leads are suspected to be invalid or inappropriate, that lead is manually investigated by our editorial team before it ever reaches your Mail Center. If you use your own private email account to communicate with a tenant or landlord, the eRental.com editorial team can not insure the quality of the rental lead.

How The Mail Center Works
The eRental.com mail center works similar to any other email provider. All approved mails are immediately delivered to the mail center of the intended recipient. For example if Tenant A sends an email to Landlord B, Landlord B will have an unread message in his/her mail center instantaneously. If Landlord B does not check his/her mail center in within 2 hours, a lead notification will be sent to Landlord B’s external email address notifying him/her that there is a new message in the mail center