Is a standard listing good enough?

Standard listings can be a successful means of advertising. Below are a few good tips on getting a the most out of your free standard listing.

  • Add photos - Listing with photo often get more traffic then those without. Plus uploading photos is free.
  • Renewing your Rental - Renewed listings have a much higher success rate because your listing becomes a new again.The renewed listing goes to the top of the list, and the posted date changes to the current date so
    users who visit the website will know it is readily available.
  • Use the details section - Describe everything about your rental. We have given you 1000 characters to mention any details or attributes about the rental, so we recommend being as specific as possible.

If you feel you that you done all of the above and still are not seeing a enough traffic we do recommend upgrading to a premium listing. Since Premium listings are free for tenants to contact they get significantly more rental leads than Standard listings. Premium listings are also highlighted with color, have preferred placement in the search results and have an active links to your personal website.

To make changes, add photos, or upgrade your listings click the link below to login.