Where can I find standard rental agreements?

Click the link below to view the types of standard rental agreements we offer.  Every rental agreement costs $14.95 per document which can be downloaded in to a word format and edited to meet your needs. In each agreement there are underlined numbered sections to guide you on where you need to enter your specific rental information.

Listed below are a few of the more popular contracts and a short guide when to use each type of agreement:

  • Lease Agreement- Use when renting an apartment to a tenant for the first time.
  • Sublease Agreement- Use when you are the current tenant of the rental and you want to attach this document to the current signed lease.  We also recommend in conjunction with (LANDLORD PERMISSION TO SUBLEASE)the sublease agreement.
  • General Release- When you plan to release a tenant from the lease.
  • Roommate Contract -Great agreement to have in place when sharing common space, utilities, bills, and rent.

If you have any questions or concerns about which rental agreement is best for your needs please contact support by clicking on the contact us link above.