Why use the eRental.com Tenant Screening Center?

At the Sublet.com Tenant Screening Center landlords can process and review unlimited tenant screening reports without applications, signed tenant releases or any hassle. To run reports, all you need is a rental and the email address of any prospective tenant. See the bullets below to learn how to get started.

  • Credit reports at Sublet.com are paperless. There is no paper work required to run a report. A landlord application is NOT required. A tenant release is NOT required

  • All you need is the tenants email address is required to run a report. To run a report, all you need to do is email a request from Sublet.com to the tenant and wait for the tenant to approve the request. The personal and private information of the tenant such as a social security number is not required.

  • You do not need to own the property to screen a tenant. Landlords with vacation rentals can run reports. Landlords that rent short term can run reports. Landlords that have only a few rentals can run reports. Roommates can run reports on prospective tenants. Sublessors can run reports on prospective renters.

  • Site inspection is NOT required to screen a tenant.

  • Landlords are NOT liable to prove that the tenant approved the report.

  • Credit reports are available to view online. Reports are available immediately after the tenant approves the request. Reports are available to view at Sublet.com for 60 days.

  • Credit reports include: Professional Leasing Recommendation, Full Credit Report, Credit Score, National Criminal Search, National Sex Offender, OFAC/Terrorist Search

If you have any additional questions concerning tenant screening please click the related faq link or the contact us link at the top of the page.