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  • Beth  Profile

    Beth 04/10/2022

    ok thank you

  • Robert Weisbrot Profile

    Robert Weisbrot 11/24/2015

    I had an excellent experience working with Mona Sands and a staff member, Wendy. They replied specifically and quickly to all my queries, by phone and email, and Mona intuitively understood my housing needs better than I did myself, suggesting a superb discounted sublet in an area (midtown west) that I had not previously considered. As it happened, I had a change of plans and wound up renting elsewhere, but I have good memories of Mona’s thorough professionalism.


  • Rehab  Profile

    Rehab 08/04/2015

    I received an email from her then I called to ask about more details. She was very aggressive. She asked for my number and I told her I will send in a message as I cant recall it I am a visitor and it is a new number. My son at this time was in the operating room. My husband called her back within half an hour she replied she has no availability and hung up the phone on him on the same rude way.

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    Tenant 09/08/2010

    We stayed at this place for a month in May. Very good location but unfortunately, that was the only positive point about this property.
    The apartment itself was very rundown and dark during the day.
    The heater and the ancient air-con unit were right behind the bed,
    lots of noise coming through from the pipes especially during the night when it was all quiet outside. Deposit was returned eventually, but was delayed after failed attempts to contact her.