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  • Tommy  Profile

    Tommy 03/23/2020

    terrible experience

  • Tommy 10/07/2020

    Response from Landlord

    Hello Tommy,
    I am sorry you had a terrible experience. To improve my company, could you email me at [email protected] for details.
    Thanks, RL CCA

  • Bárbara  Profile

    Bárbara 02/08/2019

    The communication has been excellent from the beginning. Friendly and polite from the beginning. He gave me all the information I needed very quickly. Finally, of all the options, I chose their apartments to stay in Chicago.

  • Priya  Profile

    Priya 08/22/2018

    I had considered Richs apartment for my short stay at Chicago and while doing the research on his Canterbury I have only read glowing reviews about the apartment and the amenities provided. I did not proceed with the apartment only because I found an option that was closer to work. But I would have loved to stay there!

  • Nick Pickersgill Profile

    Nick Pickersgill 08/18/2018

    Move-in was easy. Friendly staff. Secure building. My room was clean. No issues whatsoever. Would recommend!

  • Tenant Profile

    Tenant 08/06/2018

    Rich is very active in replying to an email. He provides a lot of helpful information!

  • Elisa  Profile

    Elisa 07/05/2015

    The Landlord is very helpful and nice. Location is awesome.